Mind in Furness Drop-in Centre

Welcome to the new Mind in Furness website.

Mind in Furness is a local mental health charity based in Barrow-in-Furness.

We run a drop-in centre at our main office in School Street and Coniston House, a 24 hour supported housing scheme in partnership with Accent Foundation.

For details of our 2010 AGM report click ...
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1 in 4 people in the UK may experience a mental health problem at some point during their life . Mind can help ..

Q - Can Mind help me ?

Its perfectly normal for people to experience periods of stress, anxiety or depression during their lives and many people will be able to address these problems on a day to day basis until they are resolved .

Some people however may experience more prolonged periods in their lives where they may feel unable to address their problems and need to seek help . As well as going to your GP there are many alternatives to help you regain control of your situation and life which is where we can help. At Mind in Furness we are able to offer a safe and caring environment where everyone can feel listened to, supported and included.

Pop into our School Street Centre or ring 01229 827094 for a confidential enquiry ..


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